Belinda Kelly osteopathPregnancy & Post Natal Care


Our osteopaths use safe and gentle treatment techniques which can assist with relieving common pregnancy and post birth symptoms such as:

  • headaches
  • nausea
  • neck and shoulder pain
  • wrist and arm pain
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • mid back pain
  • pelvic pain including sacroiliac joint and pubic symphysis pain
  • heartburn/indigestion
  • low back pain
  • hip pain
  • sciatica
  • incontinence
  • cramps and muscle tightness.

We appreciate that pregnancy is a unique and amazing experience. Many changes occur to the body to allow for the baby's growth, preparing the body for labour and motherhood. For some women this can result in discomfort and limited functioning.

The osteopaths at Drysdale Osteopathy can assess if problems arising during pregnancy may be due to:

  • altered posture
  • change in functioning of the body
  • tissue congestion
  • pressure on structures as baby grows
  • hormonal changes
  • change in body weight and balance.

How can Drysdale Osteopathy help?

After a thorough patient history and examination, our osteopaths use hands-on treatment to assist your body with changes occurring during your pregnancy. Patients are encouraged to be actively involved in their treatment and they will be able to give feedback at all stages of their care. Our approach is tailored to each patient's needs and includes:

  • using soft tissue massage, stretching and joint movement to assist restricted areas to move better
  • giving appropriate exercises to strengthen the pelvis and pelvic floor, and stretches to relieve areas of tightness and restriction
  • ergonomic advice e.g. postural advice for work, labour, and feeding your baby
  • regular monitoring and reassessment of your symptoms as your pregnancy progresses
  • assessment and advice post labour to assist your body to best respond after your pregnancy and birth, and into motherhood
  • specialised classes for pregnancy and motherhood conducted at the clinic.